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Located on the east side of the lobby, HOYA FUN KID Family Zone is equipped with slot car racing tracks, Model Railroad, Lego bricks, and reading materials.

  • Slot Cars
    Slot cars are powered miniature vehicles guided by a groove or slot in the track on which they run. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot. Though some slot cars are used to model highway traffic on scenic layouts, the great majority are used in the competitive hobby of slot car racing or slot racing.
    There are currently six tracks at this point and the form of the track changes every month. Operating hours are based on on-site announcements.
  • Railway Model Around the Island
    Railway Model Around the Island is based on N gauge (gauge 9mm) railway and Taiwan Railway train models with the scale of 1:150. There are realistic sights made with beautiful scenery around the island. Watching trains run between towns, mountains and ocean is quite a soothing experience.
  • building Block Play Zone
    A number of colorful building blocks, home-pretending props, vaulting horses, and slides allow young children to practice their imagination and fully develop creativeness and have unlimited joy in Building Block Play Zone.
  • Book Reading Area
    There are our concierge specialists – Big Bears to accompany guests in Children’s Book Reading area. We hope parents and children all enjoy the warm atmosphier while reading together.